The Book of Faerie Spells is a great book that will teach you all about how to use faerie magick. If you are a beginner to the practice, this book is a must-read for beginners. It will help you understand and create divine faery spells that will help you bring balance into your life and win you lots of money. There are many ways to make this game work for you, but the best way to do it is to practice and enjoy.

The first thing to know about Faerie Spells is that it is a 5-reel, ten-payline video slot from Betsoft. It has beautiful graphics and a fun fairy theme that will draw you in. It also has a long list of bonus features, including four shared jackpots. It has a lot of action and has a variety of ways to win. This game has hundreds of ways to win and can offer up to 12252 credits per round.

Another thing to know about Faerie Spells is its betting range. This game has a small, fixed-limit jackpot that is linked to four progressives. The winnings are based on each spin, so you can bet anywhere from 0.1 to 10 credits on each spin. In addition, you can buy your way into a 25-free-spins round by collecting bonus symbols. There are some myths about winning with Faerie Spells, but they can all be dispelled by rational understanding of the game.