The Chinese Lion Dance is traditionally performed during Lunar New Year, bringing peace, prosperity, and good luck to the community. It is often performed at celebrations and other events, and traditionally only male martial artists perform it. Today, though, women are increasingly participating in the traditional performance. Learn to do it by yourself by following these tips. Here’s a look at the steps involved in the dance. Read on to learn how to master the moves.

The Lion dance game is easy to play. There are four main buttons on the screen. The first one enables you to turn off sound, increase the game window, view notifications, and get help. The second one is the settings button. The game’s symbols include a Wild symbol, which is a lion. It can complete paid combinations, but it cannot replace the Scatter symbol, which is a fireworks symbol. Three, four, or five of these symbols will give you the chance to win 58, 188, or 888 coins.

In the Lion Dance, the main aim is to collect as many matching items as possible on the same paying line. This increases your chances of winning, and can bring you bonus opportunities. The maximum prize is 888 coins, so it’s vital to devise your own strategy and bet when it’s likely to turn out well. You can also activate the Auto Play option, which allows you to sit back and do nothing while the game takes care of itself.